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Discover What Your Food Allergies May Be

Do you often experience itchy lips, mouth, or throat after eating certain foods? Allergy & Asthma Inc. will diagnose and treat any food allergies that you have.
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Know What Medications You're Allergic To

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Knowing what medication you are allergic to can help you avoid severe reactions. Allergy shots can provide you with protection without any long-term side effects.
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Manage Your Asthma Symptoms

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Get to know the signs and symptoms of asthma and how you can manage them during your daily life. Get periodic asthma assessments and treatments at the office.
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Contact one of our three convenient locations in Maryland to schedule an appointment for all your allergy and asthma needs:
Frederick: 301-694-4935
Columbia: 410-964-3888
Dundalk: 410-282-2903
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